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RecCoins - Free Daily Payouts For Life

Welcome to the RecCoin ICO, where 100% of the available tokens will be distributed for free as explained on the RecCoin website. Each day you will earn a share of our daily bonus payout based on the number of RecCoins you hold which can be verified here.

RecCoins are your ticket to free daily payouts for life. RecCoin is a Waves Platform token and bonus payouts are sent daily in WAVES which can be traded for BTC, LTC or more on the internal exchange.

Join our referral program and get 50 RecCoins for each friend you refer. This is in addition to a rewarding structure that pays 10% of any purchase on this website and a percentage of all money your referrals earn from their contracts.

Complete one or more of the bounties below to earn free RecCoins with free daily payouts for life.

  • Join our Telegram Group - 25 Free RecCoins

  • Follow us on Twitter - 5 Free RecCoins

  • Retweet this post - 10 Free RecCoins

  • Subscribe to this subreddit. - 10 Free RecCoins

Once done please submit your information in the form below. Do not post in this thread.