Every business wants to make profit including Listsboard. In addition to using Google AdSense to generate income, we offer the following as a service on the blog to individuals, business owners, and corporate clients: technology sponsored posts, product reviews, guest blogging and custom ads on sidebars, homepage, and text links.

Technology Sponsored posts

Sponsored Posts

We accept relevant sponsored posts on Listsboard. All sponsored posts should be useful to entrepreneurs who make use of technology in promoting their businesses on a daily basis.

We’ll publish and share your sponsored post to a combined audience of over 18,000 people on our social media pages.

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Product Reviews

Do you have tech products, tools, or gadgets that will be useful to entrepreneurs and businesses? Let’s write a comprehensive product review to introduce your products, tools, and gadgets to our audience.

If you’re launching an ICO or new startup project and you want to give your product a massive boost, we have the right package for you.

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Ad Placements

Ad placement on Listsboard can be in form of text links or images on the sidebar. With thousands of page views per month, you’ll definitely be getting extra eyes on your products and services.

Blog Sponsorship

We are looking for corporate brands in the tech industry to sponsor Listboard. We are committed putting more resources in building a reliable technology platform for entrepreneurs here but we can’t do this effectively with corporate sponsorship.

If you’re interested in sponsoring Listsboard, kindly reach out to us using the form below.

Guest blogging

We are looking for passionate tech writers who will commit themselves to writing at least four articles on a monthly basis. If you have what it take, don’t hesitate to send your articles to Listboard using the contact form below.


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