How to Quickly Grow your Twitter Followers Free

Grow your twitter followers

If you have ever wanted to grow your Twitter followers organically with real people for free, without the fear of spamming anyone, or having fake followers, then you’ve got to read this till the end.

Some months ago, I stumbled on this tool in a group chat and it has proven to be the best tool I have used for gaining real followers on Twitter for free. This is a tool I never imagined I would use. I will admit that I don’t really need the tool since my followers on Twitter are in their thousands. But, my curiosity led me to discovering a tool that is not just useful to me but also useful to anyone who wants to grow their Twitter followers in a short time.

I was able to add some extra hundreds of real Twitter followers to my account without much work from my end in a matter of just days. With a few clicks per day, you can boost your Twitter account with Bounty Followers. It is fast, quick, convenient and easy to use. You’ll add more and new followers every day. The lack of bot followers is not surprising as it is built on a community model as more than 82 percent of members will follow you back.

It was originally created for cryptocurrency bounty hunters to earn money faster with their Twitter followers. For example, those who hunt for bounties on BitcoinTalk forum will find this tool more useful in growing their Twitter followers. So, don’t be surprised if all your followers have one or two things to do with cryptocurrency and blockchain technology.

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How it works

Getting started with Bounty Followers is simple. Register with your Twitter account. The system will then create a group of people (usually 10) for you to follow. Follow all the members in your group and wait until 6 hours in which all the members would have followed you back. After 6 hours, the system will automatically create a new group of followers for you to follow. Repeat the process all over again. It’s a simple as that. Overall, it won’t take you up to a minute to follow all the members in your group.

Grow your twitter followers

Before you use Bounty Followers, you have to keep the following on your mind:

  • You are protected from aggressive following bans on Twitter
  • Bounty Followers will never post anything on your timeline. You have full control of your timeline.
  • Bounty Followers will never follow anyone without your approval.
  • You’re guaranteed only real followers on Twitter. No bots but real people.

Bounty Followers is still in beta stage. Development are on-going. Personally, I have not noticed any bug in the system but a friend couldn’t follow all the followers in her group which made her stopped using their service all together. This is one of the bugs their developers are working on and I believe that a stable version will be released in the near future that are free of bugs.

The team is working on their user interface, mobile apps, and other new innovations that will help users grow their followers on Twitter without stress. Check out the tool, grow your Twitter followers and let me know your thoughts.

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